Yoghurt Coconut Strawberry Cocobella 150G

Origin: Australia
Packaging: Jar
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Yoghurt Coconut Strawberry Cocobella 150G is made with delicious coconut milk so it’s naturally dairy-free and vegan friendly.
  • Dairy-free
  • Thick and creamy texture
  • Live cultures and probiotics
  • Free from gluten and lactose
  • Vegan friendly
Coconut yoghurt (water, coconut milk, native starch, tapioca syrup, carob bean extract, agar, yoghurt cultures and probiotics), Strawberry blend (water, strawberries (6%), sugar, rice starch, natural flavour, carrot and blackcurrant concentrate, sodium citrate).

Storage: refrigerate below 4°C and consume within 5 days after opening. For Use By Date see top of lid.

Nutritional information
  • Energy (kJ): 819
  • Protein (g): 1.4
  • Fat (g):12.5
  • Carbohydrates (g): 15.8
  • Sodium (mg): 23 

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 Yoghurt Coconut Strawberry Cocobella 150G

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