About Us

Nam An Market is the high-quality and healthy food retail chain, which belongs to Nam An International Investment Ltd., Co., that is engaged in trading of consumer goods, investment holding and real estates business.

Eating good food plays an integral part in our long-term health as well as influence on mental health within not only each individual but also the whole community. The decision for your own reliable food source is therefore so challenging, which depends both on knowledge and efforts especially in fact that there are so many hazards related to food that the consumers have to encounter nowadays.

That’s what we are here for.

That’s how Nam An Market defined.

With the hope bringing a better life for all, we are willing here to share your worries, support you – our beloved consumers with food knowledge and provide you with healthy food as well.

In our business, controlling of product quality is extremely important. We also focus on how to be comfortable shopping site to bring you very relaxed shopping experience when you come to us.

Nam An Market is more than a grocery shopping place, it’s about spending time for your family, your friends and yourself - it’s about feeding your life and enjoy your life to the most.

Finally, we greatly value your trust and confidence and sincerely appreciate your contributions to our business.

Thanks so much for choosing us for your daily meal!



  • Dedicated to community and general society.
  • To be a reliable, friendly, civilized shopping site – a modern market.
  • To be a place for your own to explore, exchange, take experience among values of cuisine culture.

CORE VALUE:  Openness, Integrity, Fairness, Commitment

  • Openness: Adaptive ability of new things, Creative minds are eager to learn
  • Integrity: Proper actions, responsibilities; the words go with the actions.
  • Fairness: To be fair in every action.
  • Commitment: Always keep promises as well as pursue the established aims and values.


  • Respect and dignified towards human factor, business culture, individual contribution.
  • Take active contributions into the company developed as well as the community.
  • Take action exemplary of conduct, confide in everyone and build up trust amongst colleagues.
  • Support colleagues in resolving work difficulties
  • Commitment to provide the best customer service