Medium Roasted Whole Beans Expresso Blend Lacaph 250G

Origin: Viet Nam
Packaging: Bag
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"Lacàph Espresso Blend coffee is produced from Arabica and Robusta beans, helping to preserve many layers of flavor. Coffee from a pioneer farm in the field of Arabica cultivation in the Central Highlands is harvested and selected by hand before being processed. Prepared by the honey method, dried and packaged, Lacàph Espresso Blend is a smooth, well-rounded coffee, a perfect combination of mild sourness and sweetness.

- Brand: Lacàph.
- Ingredients: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta.
- Origin: Arabica from Lam Dong & Robusta Se from Dak Lak.
- Roast level: Medium roast.
- Expiration: 1 year.
- Brewing method: Aeropress, Phin Brewing, Machine Brewing.
- Weight: 250g
Lacàph Espresso Blend offers a premium coffee experience with the option to choose between pre-ground or whole-bean coffee."

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 Medium Roasted Whole Beans Expresso Blend Lacaph 250G

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